POSTECH CCRI is a research institute affiliated with Pohang University of Technology (POSTECH). It was established in 2019 to provide convergent research and content, which is necessary for companies pursuing the public interest of the region, the country, and even humanity through creating social values by playing a role as a civilized citizen and following economic profits.

We are an organization that researches corporate citizenship. We aim to broaden the academic knowledge about corporate citizenship by conducting theoretical and practical research related to corporate citizenship and developing various content formats.

We publish the bulletin “Corporate Citizenship Research” and monthly “Corporate Citizenship Newsletter” to share information on domestic and international research, case studies, and more related to corporate citizenship. Additionally, we collaborate and exchange academic knowledge with domestic universities, research institutions, and overseas institutions like Boston College and Stanford University in the United States.

We organize the “Corporate Citizenship Research Award” to encourage academic research on corporate citizenship and discover emerging researchers. Furthermore, we engage in various activities, including educational seminars and producing corporate citizen video content.

POSTECH CCRI and POSCO Group have been operating a regular course called ‘Corporate Citizenship Management and ESG’ since 2021, aiming to spread the concept of corporate citizenship as a role model for sustainable management in the ESG era. In this course, students engage in projects proposing a sustainable society where corporate citizenship is realized by communicating with various corporate practitioners at POSCO.

Since 2022, in collaboration with POSCO Group, we have supported the ‘Corporate Citizenship Management and ESG’ course at national flagship universities in Korea, contributing to balanced regional development and nurturing talents.

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